Tools Employed: Canvas LMS, TechSmith Snagit, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Institution: University of Toronto, Centre for International Experience

Target Audience: International university teachers and teaching assistants 

Delivery Method: Online, Synchronous and Asynchronous

Deliverables: Course Shell, Online Modules, Online Resource Pages, Intro Videos, Live Webinars, Slide Decks, Glossary, Discussions Boards, Assessment surveys 

An online program and series of webinars designed for incoming and current international graduate students who are interested in teaching at the University of Toronto. This e-orientation is designed to help participants consider their existing strengths and experiences within a multicultural classroom environment.


Tools Employed: BlippAR, A-Frame WebVR, Canvas LMS

Institution: University of Toronto, MADLab

Target Audience: Advanced humanities students

Delivery Method: Face-to-Face

Deliverables: Instruction pages, worksheets, Group assignment design

I developed two hands-on workshops introducing humanities students to emerging tech. While these workshops allow students to obtain practical knowledge in working with digital tools, they also help students to (1) understand how theoretical concepts are translated into tech platforms, (2) to develop technological literacy, and (3) to develop problem-solving skills.


Tools Employed: Canvas LMS, Wikis, G Suite, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Zoom

Institution: University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science

Target Audience: Undergrad humanities students

Delivery Method: Online, Synchronous and Asynchronous

Deliverables: Lesson Plans and storyboards, Slide Decks, Live Webinars, Group work and Worksheets, Online Group Pages, Assignments Design, Community Agreements, Assessment surveys

Developed multiple materials and assignments for students' engagement in three humanities and social sciences online courses. The materials were designed to guide and help students orient themselves within the array of course materials, conduct knowledge checks, and promote reflection and experiential learning.


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